Project Description

Project Overview

A resort planning project outside of Varna, Bulgaria on the rigged coast of the Black Sea. The proposed golf development is in association with architect/planner Sir Norman Foster’s work to create an destination eco-resort in the same region.

Our work has involved site evaluation covering a five mile stretch of coastline, working with local representatives on land acquisition and utility needs. Three golf sites have been ultimately identified with conceptual plans prepared for each. Two sites are coastal, while the third is higher up while still offering views to the Black Sea.

Forrest Richardson spent several days in Bulgaria trekking over the cliffs and bays south of Varna, working to find the best and most appropriate land for the proposed golf course footprint. “Covering five miles may sound relatively easy, but when you are looking for the perfect combination of terrain, soils and views, it becomes daunting,” says Richardson. “We spent three days off-roading, hiking and cutting our way through brush to access the coastline, and in the end we found ideal options for courses.”

Work thus far has been in conjunction with Yoo Bulgaria, a residential enclave with backing from investors in the United Kingdom. This master planning effort remains in the conceptual and feasibility stages.